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Temple Walk Washi Tape Set

These three washi tapes are entitled 'Temple Walk,' intended to inspire reverence for your creations. Recalling rows of brightly-colored beach shoes lined up near shala doors across the world, as well as an homage to the guru's padukas or slippers, the slipper tape is a playful addition to your letter-sending, collage creation and art-making. I suggest one pair at a time arranged on your envelopes...

To complement the slippers, the shapes etched in gold on the twin tapes (aubergine and pastel) are a deep bow to influential spiritual artist Hilma af Klint, whose work continues to resonate in my own. I can't wait to see what you'll create with them.

Each purchase comes in a gorgeous pouch, along with two stickers of my art for you to play with or gift.

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